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Toronto Condos

Toronto is home to a large number of condominium buildings. Majority of Toronto condos are located in the Waterfront Communities and Willowdale East and West (new Toronto MLS district names). A growing number of luxury condos can be found mainly in Yorkville and in the Yonge-St. Clair district.

A fairly small number of co-ownership and co-operative buildings are scattered across Toronto. These are usually (although not always) selling at a lower price per square foot than regular condos, and are more difficult, and sometimes even impossible to finance. Some of these buildings are very attractively located, and many are renovated.

Pet rules for condos

Searching for a condo to buy or rent when you have a pet, especially a larger dog, can be a difficult experience.

Every condominium MLS listing has a "Pets Perm" code. That code can be "Y" for permitted, "Restrict" for restricted, or "N" for not permitted. Usually the "N" code for a condo listed for sale can be deemed correct. But most agents use the "Restrict" code, to keep it safe in case there are restrictions on pet ownership. It can be surprisingly difficult to find definitive information on pet policy.

Comparing Condos, Co-ops and Co-ownerships

Most multi-family buildings in Toronto are set up as condominiums. A condominium is a form of property ownership where the individual owners share ownership of common areas (lobby areas, hallways, exercise rooms, swimming pools, party rooms, common roof terraces, garages, courtyards and grounds, balconies anad patios), while the ownership of their individual unit is private.

City Modern Interior Style

When creating a 'city modern' style for your condo you should aim for a monochromatic schemes and strong contrasts. Furniture, whether modern or in an older style, is usually angular in shape, often with chrome trim. Window coverings are simple - venetian blinds or shades.

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