Buying a Condo Apartment

You are planning to buy a condo apartment in Toronto. Purchase of a residence, whether it be a house, townhouse, or a condominium, is probably the largest purchase one can make. It is not only a purchase of a shelter, but also a very important investment. Owning a residence is a dream that is shared by many.

Toronto has a very large number of condominium buildings, and the differences between them are often substantial. You may like a busy urban location or a quiet setting, a large high rise building with impressive amenities, or a smaller low rise setting with only a few services. If you have pets, it is important to locate buildings where pets are allowed.

Visiting open houses on weekends is hardly an option if you are looking for a condominium. Internet made the real-estate-buying process easier, and it is often possible to locate listings that might be suitable. But it is a Realtor who, most of the time, helps people like yourself to achieve their ultimate dream of owning their own condo.

It is important to understand who the the Realtor is working for. Some buyers choose to contact the seller's agent directly. Under such arrangement, the Realtor is working for the seller, and must do what is best for the seller, while providing customer services for the buyer.

A Realtor working with the buyer may be a "sub-agent" of the seller, and represent the seller's interests, unless hired by the buyer under Buyer Agency Agreement. A Realtor acting under Buyer Agency Agreement must do what is best for the buyer.

During my many years in real estate, I have helped many clients buy or sell their residence. I dedicate my time to giving my clients the highest level of service, as I have learned that satisfied customers become clients for life. I will be glad to help you find your dream condo. If you would like to have listings e-mailed to you as soon as they become available, fill in the form on our Find Your Condo page. The more specific your criteria, the tighter the search, so please consider your answers carefully.

It is safe to provide me with information. I ONLY collect information that is necessary to locate, assess and qualify properties for buyers, and to provide professional service to clients and customers. I do not sell trade, transfer, rent or exchange your personal information with anyone.