Toronto Condos

Toronto is home to a large number of condominium buildings. Majority of Toronto condos are located in the Waterfront Communities and Willowdale East and West (new Toronto MLS district names). A growing number of luxury condos can be found mainly in Yorkville and in the Yonge-St. Clair district.

A fairly small number of co-ownership and co-operative buildings are scattered across Toronto. These are usually (although not always) selling at a lower price per square foot than regular condos, and are more difficult, and sometimes even impossible to finance. Some of these buildings are very attractively located, and many are renovated.

Popularity of loft spaces, which appeal to younger genration and are characterized by open design and industrial style finished, encouradged builders to start constructing new buildings in a loft style. These newly constructed loft buildings typically have either 10 feet ceilings or combine two levels of living space, part of which is open for a two-storey height. Some loft units which are now being sold pre-construction are advertised as having 9 feet ceiling height. The advantage of new loft buildings is the new construction, with insulation in the walls, double-glazed windows, and more modern facilities, but they lack the rugged charm of old industrial spaces.

Authentic loft conversions, or hard lofts, are scattered in older Toronto neighbourhoods. Their attractiveness is due to, in part, old features that these buildings retained: high ceilings, large, multi-paned metal framed windows, wood beams, concrete or old wood floors, concrete or wood ceilings, to name a few. These converted buildings rarely offer much, if any, recreational facilities.

Several churches have also been converted to loft spaces. It is very difficult to convert a unique space like church, and only few of these conversions are truly outstanding.

For an almost complete list of Toronto loft buildings please check TORONTO LOFTS.