City Modern Interior Style

When creating a 'city modern' style for your condo you should aim for a monochromatic schemes and strong contrasts. Furniture, whether modern or in an older style, is usually angular in shape, often with chrome trim. Window coverings are simple - venetian blinds or shades.

Furniture has clearly defined edges and very little detail. Accent colour is kept to a minimum, with a large abstract painting, a single-colour pillow or throw, or strategically placed vases that are simple in shape and rich in tone.

Clean looking dining tables are stained, often featuring metal legs, and not covered with tablecloths, instead showing the stained wood and clean lines. The only upholstered furniture are sofas, usually long, low-backed and covered in neutral colours, such as black, grey or white. Armchairs are rarely used in smaller spaces, it is better to have a couple of sofas accompanied by by an occasional chrome and leather chair.

Lighting is very important, both for decoration and function, with floor lamps and table lamps typically in the 1930s style. Wall sconces are used to soften the stark atmosphere. Fabric designs are monochromatic, with angular patterns. Plain wall surfaces should be painted rather than papered.

Large floor vases in dramatic black or vivid Mediterranean hues are essential accessories. Colour, however, should be used sparingly, with emphasis on black, white and chrome.