condominium rules on pet ownership in Toronto

Searching for a condo to buy or rent when you have a pet, especially a larger dog, can be a difficult experience.

Every condominium MLS listing has a "Pets Perm" code. That code can be "Y" for permitted, "Restrict" for restricted, or "N" for not permitted. Usually the "N" code for a condo listed for sale can be deemed correct. But most agents use the "Restrict" code, to keep it safe in case there are restrictions on pet ownership. It can be surprisingly difficult to find definitive information on pet policy.

Restricted code for pets doesn't always mean a large dog is not permitted, rules might just restrict a number of petsWhen you see a "Restrict" code on the listing it might mean various things. Most buildings have a restriction on the number of pets a condo owner may keep. Restrictions might be more specific - some buildings allow cats but not dogs, some building will not allow certain breeds which are considered aggressive or loud, and a very common restriction is a weight restriction (usually setting a limit to 25 or 30 lbs).

In Toronto condo buildings often one dog and one cat is allowedCondo pet policy can change over time, so seeing a chocolate lab in the building does not guarantee that the building has no weight restriction on dogs. Current owner's pets would be, in such case, grandfathered, but no new large dogs allowed.

Some buildings have pet rules that may be somewhat bent and worked around, others are strict, and no exceptions are allowed.

I try to keep track of pet rules for the buildings in the neighbourhoods that I service for our clients. If you are interested in a particular building, I will be happy to send you this information.